100% Grass Fed and Finished

Most beef labeled as ‘grass fed’ means that grass was included in their diets. However, it does not exclude corn and grains from also being present in their diet. ‘Grass finished’ means the cattle received an exclusively grass or forage diet before they were processed. Being 100% grass fed and finished is beef that only consumes grasses and forages, never anything else. By raising our cattle 100% grass fed and finished, we are committing to a sustainable future and a higher quality of beef.

We are proud to take it a step further by raising our beef free from hormones and antibiotics and raising our grass free from pesticides.

Our Native Grasses


Bluestem grasses are coarse, sometimes tufted plants with flat or folded leaf blades and solid or pithy stems. The stems are often hairy, sometimes reddish or greenish in appearance. Several species have rhizomes and can spread vegetatively.


Alfalfa is known for its tolerance of drought, heat, and cold and for the remarkable productivity and quality of its herbage. This is an excellent grass for our sustainability efforts.


Kernza is a grass wheat. The roots can extend 10 feet or more beneath the soil surface, where they deliver atmospheric carbon to the soil and efficiently take up nutrients and water. Kernza is an excellent plant for nutritional value and sustainability.

Stress Free

We take pride in providing beef that is not only pure, clean, and organic, but also raising our cattle to live a stress free life. Our cattle are free range and always pampered. We provide a beautiful 14,000 acres of open land for our heard to roam.

No Chemicals

We are commited to never using any chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics to raise our cattle. We have paired some of the nation’s leading scientists to ensure that all of our farming practices are sustainable. Because we do not use pesticides on our grass, the water for our cattle is also clean.

Clean Meat

Our meat is free from contamination. During the butcher and processing, we ensure that our meat never comes in contact with any other meat. This allows us to guarentee our quality and health benefits. Our meat is processed in stateof- the-art facilities.

How We Use Native Angus Genetics

Native Angus are cattle originally from Angus county Scotland. Their genetics can be continuously traced back to the origin of the breed. The way of differentiating in the Angus breed is the term Native bred – They are marked on the pedigree, which means, there are no imported blood lines. They are the blue print of the Angus breed that we know today.

The historic relevance of the Native Angus goes back more than 150 year and is highly evident. With their superior genetics, mid-sized frame, optimal level of efficiency on GRASS, and much higher quality beef carcass. As consumer preferences are shifting toward more health conscious choices; the Native Angus provides a very healthy source of protein.

Our process is to cross the Native Angus cattle with the local registered Kansas Angus cattle to produce a smaller, more efficient breed. By making them more efficient with grass we are continuing to improve the quality of the beef in Kansas. Crossing the Angus also allows us to shorten the time it takes to harvest the beef, which increases the tenderness and flavor quality.

All of our genetics and Native Angus are located at: Lava Acres Ranch

What Makes Us Different


All the grass we use is perennial and we never use any pesticides.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Never any added antibiotics or hormones in our beef.

100% Grass Fed & Finished

Our cattle only consume grass, all year round, for their entire life.

100 %

Grass Fed Beef

100% Grass Fed & Finished
Pasture Raised
No Hormones
No Antibiotics
GMO Free
Free Range

How It Works

Quality Farm

Our farm is free from pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. We aim for sustainable farming by purifying care of the land and animals.

Custom Orders

We can custom raise and process each bovine to meet our clients needs. Whether it be for personal or commercial use.

Custom Cuts

We can cater to your needs! Every customer is given the option of picking out their desired cuts during processing.


We can ship or deliver! Delivery available throughout Kansas only. Shipping is available up to 20lbs in 48 states!